The value addition of being a member of ACT. . .

Carrying 29 years of proud history by garnering the support and wellbeing of its members together by contributing immensely towards the National Economy of our country as a strong force and association.

By maintaining a significant rapport and co-operate with the government authorities and private sector establishments with regards to the development and commitment towards the sector.

Within the community to organize social welfare events with others to maintain a good rapport and to improve the relationship through social welfare services by organizing social events to give more value addition as a service oriented business. (In the year 2009 a grand felicitation ceremony was organized to honor the Sri Lanka Navy and the security personal in the Port and the Police for protecting Port of Colombo by terrorism).

Established a modern up to date scientific Method for costing and rate fixing in order to safeguard the entrepreneurship by moving out of the ancient and traditional methods.

The invaluable and vast knowledge gained in the field of container transportation by building relationship and rapport with the senior members of the industry including professionals.

Through this profession contributing towards an economic bridge at the national Level by being a entrepreneur in this field.

The ability to Associate with a broad spectrum of our ACT members and not be isolated in dealing with your grievances.

Establishment of an Insurance cover for the containers to our members (compensation paid to the members for the past five years amounted to Rs 3.8 Million) by being a protector when required.

Life Insurance cover for container drivers and assistants together with the specially offered insurance policy for goods.

To conduct special workshops by professionals, to obtain first hand information in respect of their day to day requirements pertaining to the profession.

To obtain national and international recognition in the field of container transportation.

To form an ACT BENEVELENT FUND towards the benefit of members within a short time span.