About us

The association of container transporters which was founded 29 years ago, was initiated with the sole objective of ameliorating the standards of the container transport trade in Sri Lanka. During the early/ mid eighties the container transport trade was still relatively new and although exports and imports had developed significantly during this era, the all important commercial transport element was slow to develop due to the inadequacy of vehicles and usage of improper vehicles, which were not geared to cater to this segment of the trade. In the year 1985 a few major transport organizations banded themselves together, with the blessings of the Shipping Corporation, Export Development board and the Central Freight bureau and formed the “Association of Container Transporters”. This association focused on the problems and the improvement of Container transport, in Sri Lanka.

Today the association has grown tremendously, with a membership of over 90 members comprising of almost all the major container transport companies in the country. Currently, with the influx of sophisticated and specialized container carrying vehicles which are readily available, some of the problems negatively affecting the industry have been resolved. The annual general meeting of the association was held on the 15th of August 2008 and the new team comprising of the office bearers and the executive committee, were duly elected and intend soliciting further support from the Ministry of Transport, The Sri Lanka Ports authority and other associated departments, to significantly improve the standards of commercial container transport in Sri Lanka.

The objects for which the Association is established are

To encourage and promote professional conduct in the container transport industry and to improve the quality of container transport service.

To represent in all matters relating to the container transport industry and to obtain relief, approvals, licences, grants and assistance from the Government, Provincial Councils, Authorities, Statutory Bodies and others and to resist against any restrictions of rights, privileges, or other benefits affecting the interests of the Association.

To provide assistance and advice in the operation of container transport business and the development of the industry.

To create a forum for the settlement of disputes and the exchange of information, ideas, proposals, business methods, for the efficient conduct of container transport business.

To formulate and adopt rules, regulations, tariffs, agreements and code of conduct for the proper functioning of container transport operations and management.

To do all such acts, deeds and things as may be deemed necessary in pursuance of the above objects.